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Service purposes 

· Ensure the quality of service and improve the overall efficiency of the customer system

· Assist customers to introduce, absorb new IT technology, improve system efficiency

Assist clients in developing excellent system managers

Assist customers in establishing a sound system management process


  service method 

1, telephone: to provide 7 * 24 hours of telephone support services.

2, fax: You can record the problem, by fax to Zhongshan Road, Sri Lanka Air Conditioning Co., Ltd..

3, the site submitted: I can through our website technical support (customer message), to submit your questions and suggestions, our customer service department will be the fastest speed to resolve and notify you.


  Service Hotline 

· Service Hotline: 86-760-88588277

· Complaint Tel: 13702466163

· Fax number: 086-760-88588377


The problem of each customer I will have a professional technical service personnel responsible for tracking the solution.

· Customer questions, my company promised to respond within 30 minutes, a working day to resolve.

· On-site service response time, Guangzhou city no more than 3 hours, Guangzhou suburbs customers no more than 5 hours

Other customers, depending on traffic conditions, our company will be the fastest speed to reach the scene.

400 884 2488

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