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职位名称 工作地点 招聘人数 发布Date
Customer service specialist (operator) for a long time 2017-05-17

Responsibilities:1, answer the sales hotline, record the customer's call information and pass information, submit a variety of work reports on time;2, on time, according to quality, according to the amount of completion of the type of customer visits and satisfaction survey.Claim:1, high school or secondary school or higher, graduate interns can be;2, computer operating proficiency, typing speed of 35 words / min or more;3, fluent expression, pressure and strong ability.

Household air conditioning r&d engineers (performance design, software design and hardware design) 2017-05-17

Responsibilities:Responsible for air conditioning performance matching design, electronic control design, product experiment follow-up.Claim:1, college degree or above, refrigeration or electrical and electronic related professional;2, a solid professional foundation, with innovative, logical, more than 1 year industry-related work experience.

inspector 2017-05-17

Responsibilities:1, according to product reliability standards, the development of new products for reliability test;2, follow the product abnormal feedback process and rectification progress, issued an experimental report;3, responsible for laboratory equipment maintenance and maintenance.Claim:1, secondary and above;2, master office software and testing equipment operation;3, work carefully, with a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, good communication, able to bear the pressur…


400 884 2488

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