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Purification project location selection and general layout

Author:Source:Visits:Date:2016/12/15 11:32:50

The location selection of the purification project shall be determined according to the following requirements and the comparison of the technical and economic programs.

1, should be in the air dust and harmful gas concentration is low, the natural environment is better.

2, should be far away from the railway, docks, airports, roads and emit a lot of dust and harmful gas factory, warehouse, yard and other serious air pollution, vibration or noise area. If not far away from the serious air pollution source, it should be located in the windward side of the wind maximum frequency, or the minimum wind frequency leeward.

3, should be arranged in the factory environment clean, stream of people, logistics not through or less through the lot.

two, for both micro vibration control requirements of the purification plant location selection, the actual vibration effect around the existing sources and should be determined, and precision equipment, precision instruments allow the vibration value is determined after analysis.

three, clean workshop and traffic between the distance should be greater than 50m.

four, clean workshop should be set around the ring fire lane (can use traffic road) if there is difficulty, can be set up along the two long fire lane.

five, dust-free workshop around the road surface layer, should choose the overall performance is good, less dust material.

six, clean workshop should be around the green, can be planted lawn, should not be planted on the production of harmful plants, and shall not interfere with fire operations.

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