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The arrangement of the piping in the clean room

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In the clean room construction design stage, should draw the machine room equipment piping diagram. The pipe of the engine room includes air pipe, water pipe, steam pipe, etc..

in the room equipment layout, it should be arranged a variety of connecting pipe. For the air duct of the engine room (main air duct), the size is large and the space is occupied. The water pipe, steam pipe and air pipe ratio, the size is much smaller, but the final arrangement. In the layout of pipeline, should follow the principle of avoiding tubular pipe.

room generally do not do the ceiling, so all the pipes are installed, should be adjusted to a variety of pipe space and relative position, as far as possible straight, Shun, pipe less. Water pipes, pipe laying in as much as possible along the wall, above the pipeline equipment should be arranged in an orderly manner, the use of U shaped hanger as much as possible.

and pumps, chillers and other equipment connected to avoid taking too much of the lower space. Combined purification air conditioning unit, the air outlet, air outlet and new outlet than the general design of the wind pipe is connected with the small size of the air inlet pipe, if the space allowed size, should be used as far as possible reducing pipe connection, less connection with static pressure box.

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