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What are the requirements of the clean room for clothing?

Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:21:38

In order to maintain the cleanliness of the clean room, the number of control personnel is necessary. , In considering the premise of static electricity, the staff also have a strict management of clothing.

1. Purification works clean clothes upper body and lower body should be separated, wearing requirements, the coat must be placed in the lower body.

2. Wearing fabric requires anti-static, clean indoor relative humidity is low. Antistatic clothing can reduce the adhesion rate of particles to 90%.

3. According to their own needs, clean clean room will use a shawl cap, the hem should be placed inside the coat.

4. Some gloves will have talcum powder, into the room before the talc must be removed.

5. Newly bought clean clothes must first clean and then wear, the best condition with the best clean water.

6. In order to ensure the purification effect of purification works, 1-2 weeks must be cleaned once a clean clothes, the whole process to be carried out in the clean area, to avoid relying on micro-particles.

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