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Double wall adjustable shutter (removable)

The wind outlet of the wall is arranged on the wall or other fixed positions, and can be used directly with the fan coil. The blade angle can not be adjusted by 0-180, and the blade angle can be adjusted to achieve different air supply distance and diffusion angle.



RCDDR 3010

R/C Double Deflection  300x100(N)   350×150(F)

RCDDR 3015

R/C Double Deflection   300x150(N)  350×200(F)

RCDDR 3510

R/C Double Deflection  350x100(N)    400×150(F)

RCDDR 3515

R/C Double Deflection  350X150(N)   400×200(F)

RCDDR 4010

R/C Double Deflection  400X100(N)    450×150(F)

RCDDR 4015

R/C Double Deflection  400X150(N)    450×200(F)

RCDDR 4020

R/C Double Deflection  400X200(N)    450×250(F)

RCDDR 4515

R/C Double Deflection  450X150(N)    500×200(F)

RCDDR 6015

R/C Double Deflection  600X150(N)    650×200(F)

RCDDR 6020

R/C Double Deflection  600X200(N)    650×250(F)

RCDDR 7515

R/C Double Deflection  750X150(N)    800×200(F)

RCDDR 7520

R/C Double Deflection  750X200(N)    800×250(F)

400 884 2488

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