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Electric multiway shunt air valve

First, the introduction of
LA12-08-240/24 products building central air conditioning cold and warm air volume control, the designated space of air and cold air convection speed and effective control, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the specified space temperature.
main control board with single-chip microcomputer as the core, SCR power supply and its drive circuit, the number of IO interface to 15, serial communication, can simultaneously control the 8 channel or designated area. 240VAC/24VAC direct conversion, with existing market products can be generic, seamless docking.
two, note

power cable fastener; insurance tube (AC2.0A); the 24VAC load output 5.08 three line (8 output); the load of 24VAC RG45 cable (8 output output); the 24VAC output indicator control RJ45 output;
and control group 240V/24V four line output; switch; 240VAC three line output (8 output); the 240VAC output indicator; power input line 220-240VAC; cable fixed buckle

three function
SCR power supply and is connected with the drive circuit driven by thyristor current. The controller at least one actuator is open; in order to avoid excessive transient current situations, time sequence of actuator only by the contact button in turn, the actuator control panel lights flashing a buffer state, a buffer on end.
this controller is equipped with running state memory function, when the controller is turned off or suddenly lost power, the second run to restore the power off or before the last working state.
the controller uses the power supply for AC200-260V, 50-60Hz, the execution of the motor voltage 24/240V easy switch, 24/240V executive motor voltage output directly through the controller. The
panel work light is used to determine the main control board of the motor to perform the steps, alternately flash off, press the on and off cycle to switch jobs. Flashing for the work and the program waiting for the state, often bright for the open state, the interest is off. The control panel serial increments, maximum access to 15 ports, between main control board and finally a panel port cable connection distance can reach 50 meters, within this exactly control.



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