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How to reduce the staff of clean room pollution?

Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:23:51

Requirements for cleanliness of clean room is very strict, so there are different levels of cleanliness. But people will reduce the cleanliness of the purification project. In addition to the installation of the air shower room in the buffer, for the shower, but also regularly clean every corner. This is a part of personnel requirements:
1. from the purification engineering maintenance management perspective, with the continuous collection of filter pollutants, have system resistance will be increased, and the filtration efficiency will be reduced, so it is difficult to ensure cleanliness. Therefore, managers should regularly detect the filter, timely replacement.
2. when the positive pressure value of the clean area is smaller than that of other rooms, it is the result of the pollutants entering. So the provisions of personnel into the clean room, the speed should not be too fast, to prevent the two pollution.

3. need to repair the equipment to be placed in the clean room, if only in the clean area, repair personnel to carry out the appropriate training, the pollution degree of purification project to a minimum.

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