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What are the characteristics of clean room?

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What are the characteristics of clean room, clean room? What is the characteristic of clean room? What are the characteristics of clean room?
clean room has the following three characteristics:
(1) clean room is the degree of cleanliness of the air to a certain level of human activity space, its function is to control particulate pollution. Clean the clean room is not clean, but to achieve a certain level of air cleanliness.
(2) clean room is a multi-functional integrated whole. First, the need for more professional cooperation - building, air conditioning, purification, pure water, pure gas, etc.. YISHION gas, the process gas is to go through the purification process. For example, a disposable syringe factory in injection molding workshop as the design process with compressed air without purification of special products, every time when forming machines emit large amounts of non purified compressed air, the air cleanliness cannot meet the requirements of the workshop, pollution products. Therefore, the direct contact with drugs of dry air, compressed air and inert gases should be purified, in line with production requirements. Followed by the need for control of many parameters such as air cleanliness, bacterial concentration and the amount of air (air), pressure (pressure), sound (noise), light (illumination) etc..
(3) for the quality of the clean room, in terms of importance, design, construction and operation management, that is to say is the cleanroom itself through the whole process from design to management to reflect the quality of the. Clean air conditioning and general air conditioning.

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